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After wondering for a long time about what I could write a blog on, I have decided to focus on fashion and celebrities. I have chosen topic as I believe that both fashion and celebrities have a major influence on society, especially females.

The focus of my blog will be how celebrity and fashion magazines focus on looking good, how to stay in shape and how to keep on trend. Many magazines airbrush their models before putting them in their magazines so all their ‘defects’ are hidden. So when the readers pick up the magazine we are left wondering how these models and celebrities are so ‘perfect’ and have no pimples or cellulite and their bodies are toned to perfection. The magazines are filled with diets in order to stay slim. My argument is why are we so intrigued by the way celebrities look? Why do we want to look like them? Why can’t we be happy with our own bodies? We don’t have to work out or follow the ‘on trend’ diet. We should be happy with what we look like and embrace it, no matter what size, shape, weight, or looks.

Take a look at this retouched image for example. Many celebrities have their photos retouched before they are published. This is what gives people the idea that the celebrities have a perfect body.

Image courtesy of Shameless
 I think the celebrity craze is a very important topic in today’s media. Girls as young as thirteen are following diets because they are so influenced by celebrities. Therefore the target audience for my blog is very large ranging from females as young as 12-50. And, even though it may seem that only females are influenced by celebrity looks and fashion trends but it can also have an effect on males.

I hope my blog will help people realise that they can be happy in their own body. Readers are invited to join in discussions on these topics and have their opinion and hopefully boost people’s confidence. People don’t need to be slim, have cosmetic surgery, or spend hours in front of the mirror to be happy. Everyone is beautiful in their own way.

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  1. You have a brilliant writing style that makes me want to keep on reading. You posts are very informative and unlike many other texts and websites that focus on current female issues and celebrities, your content is not patronising or sensationalised. You come across as very down to earth and genuine, which is definitely appealing to viewers. Your blog is very clearly set out and the light, feminine colours of the template are appropriate to the 'beauty' theme of the blog. I really enjoy reading and navigating around your blog.


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