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Wednesday, 4 April 2012

The Syndicate

Hey Beautiful people! Any of you guys watching the BBC's new programme The Syndicate? I watched the first episode of the five part series and I am hooked. 

After last nights episode I decided to write a little piece on it seeing as one character in the series stood out for me.

The series sees five people working in a local supermarket who are all having their individual struggles in life. But one night everything changes. They are all in a syndicate together and their numbers come up. With a few events happening in-between they win 18 million pounds between them (Yes I did have a sinking feeling inside wishing it was real and it was me winning that money... who wouldn't?!!).

The Syndicate
Anyway, they share the money between the five of them. But it is the character played by Denise played by Lorraine Bruce I want to focus on. She lives with her mother and husband and a handful of dogs. But her husband decides to leave her saying she doesn't look after herself any more and things aren't working out. 

She begs for him to come back and when the media ask her what she is going to spend her winnings on she states 'getting my husband back'. She gets her teeth whitened and her frizzy hair straightened. She begins to wear make up and books herself in for cosmetic surgery and a boob job. All to win her husband back.

Funnily enough, her husband returns a few days later after hearing of her win... I wonder why he returned? He wants to go on a cruise, have flash cars and all the things people are expected to buy after a big lottery win. 

Denise in The Syndicate

But, as usual, things don't go to plan. Denise finds out her husband has been having a gay affair with her mothers carer. This may be a bit complicated but these things do happen in real life. Luckily she is quick off the mark and talks to the lottery solicitor about her winnings and what her husband is entitled to.

When she confronts him over his affair he basically admits he only came back to her because of the win and he too has seen a solicitor. But, he is entitled to nothing. She bought him a flashy car but that is all he gets.

At the end of part 2, Denise and her mother are talking. She's decided not to go through with the surgery. Her mother asks her if she's ok. Denise replies 'No, but I'll be ok'. 

This brought a tear to my eye. Denise is such a lovely person and to be treated by her husband like that made me somewhat angry. She was prepared to totally change her appearance in order to win him back. It just goes to show that it is what's on the inside that counts. And Denise is a lovely person and would do anything to help you. 

I can't wait until next weeks episode! I hope she gets together with the man from the dog's home! (If you watch it you'll know who I'm on about).

Tune in next week guys, BBC1 9pm! Let me know what you think!

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