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Tuesday, 27 March 2012

How to make your blog successful and maximise your Real Women followers

Most of you are probably thinking what this post has to do with my blog and I don’t blame you. But this post is here to help you beautiful bloggers get the most out of your blog and market it in order to get more followers. This is what you set your blog up for right? You don't want to be talking to yourself so you need to make your blog accessible. So, here are a few pointers to get you started...

successful blogging
Image courtesy of Danny Brown 

When you start your blog make sure you know what you want it to be about and stick to it. Don’t write posts about totally contrasting topics or your followers will get confused. Once you know what you’re going to blog about you can get started. Here are a few points about how to make your blog successful.
  • Update your blog on a regular basis. People want new and interesting things to read.
  • Make sure your blog is easy to navigate and easy to read. There's no point having good quality content if it's hard to read.
  • Have a good headline but don't use puns. Us humans may be able to understand them, but search engines certainly do not. After all they are robots!
  • Make your blog search-engine friendly e.g. include key words in post titles. Search-engines such as Google filter key words according to their place on the page. Therefore, the higher the key words the greater their value.
  • Include Alt text on your pictures (the writing that comes up when you hover the cursor over the image). Search engines cannot read images therefore by adding Alt text the search engine knows what the image contains. Unfortunately blogger doesn't make this job easy for us so click here for a step to step guide.
  • Use labels in your post. These are the key words that you think people might use when searching for your blog and posts. You’ll find the label link on the right hand side of your screen when you are writing a post.
  • Share your blog on social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. This way your blog can potentially be viewed by all your friends and they may suggest it to someone else. Word gets around very quick on these sites!
social networking
Image courtesy of Source 3 Marketing
  • Link to other similar blogs. If they see you have linked to them they may link back. 
  • Participate in blogs similar to yours. Comment on their posts and get yourself known (but don’t go barging in thinking you know everything).
  • Add gadgets and subscribe buttons in order for people to share your content and subscribe to emails to notify them of new posts.
  • Talk to your family and friends about it. Get the word spread that you have a blog.
  • Look at your blogs stats and see what posts are getting the most attention. If one post is getting rather a lot of attention try writing more posts like it. The more hits a post has the more popular it is.
These are just a few pointers to send you in the right direction. I hope they’ve helped! But remember to regularly update your blog and its content. This is the most important point. For more information check these articles out at Problogger and Seomoz.

Let me know how you all get on. Good luck blogging!


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