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Wednesday, 14 March 2012

The New iPad

Apple recently launched their iPad 3 on March 7th giving people an insight in to the updated technology. The iPad 3 will be released in the UK on March 16th and it is much awaited. But, the piece of technology is not called the iPad 3 as previously expected. Apple have called it ‘the New iPad.’
the new iPad
The piece of technology is priced from £399 to £659 depending on the gigabyte size opted for. A 16GB New iPad will cost £399 but at the higher end of £659 will get you 64GB. But one question raised is, are we best to spend this amount of money on the New iPad? Or is it better to buy its predecessor the iPad 2?

The New iPad is a little improvement from Apple’s iPad 2. Apple has claimed that the battery lasts 10 hours with the device measuring less than a centimetre at 9.4mm. This makes it slightly thicker than its predecessor. It features an A5X processor with quad core graphics which makes it twice as powerful as its predecessor. It features an ‘iSight’ camera, which has a 5-mega pixel sensor, auto focus, five-element lens, exposure functions and face recognition.

The retina display allows users to have a pleasant experience and makes things look lifelike. It has four times more pixels than the iPad 2 including richer colours to allow a better user experience. Its display measures 9.7 inches and contains 3.1 million pixels. According to Apple, the retina display is said to be the highest resolution display on a mobile device.

It contains features which are on the iPad and iPad 2 such as iMovie and iPhoto where you can edit your own photos and movies. Along with its HD Video Recording in 1080p Apple claims it allows you to capture those special moments. The device offers built-in access to the iCloud allowing users online access to films they have purchased on other Apple devices.

the new iPad
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Apple also claims that the New iPad has the fastest wireless connection allowing users to browse the internet at ‘blazing-fast speeds’. This allows users to keep up to date with the latest fashion news, celebrity gossip and news. Its app store allows downloads of places such as River Island, Boots, Amazon and eBay. The app store also allows users to download magazines and books which is very useful for those following my blog as it allows downloads of health and confidence magazines/ books such as Paul McKenna's Instant Confidence.

Demonstrators at the launch showed the high speed internet connection with the network 4G LTE. But this network is only available in the US and not the UK. The network is said to be launched in the UK by the end of 2012 but some people are contemplating whether the British 4G connection will work with Apple’s device. Questions of whether the New iPad is too advanced and smart for the UK are beginning to rise.

Fears are also rising about users receiving high bills when using Apple devices. One of the unannounced new features of the New iPad discreetly raises the limit for iTunes downloads via the phone network from 20MB to 50MB. Just 20 of these downloads could eat up the full capacity of many data plans.

Another issue with the New iPad is it's new voice dictation feature. But this seems to be a down step from the iPhone 4s Siri. The success of the Siri resulted in the probability of it featuring on the New iPad, but this is not the case. The voice dictation allows people to write messages and search the Internet but expectations have been let down on this front.

Despite the fear that the New iPad will not work with the British 4G connection, queues are beginning to form outside Apple stores. Two men were queuing outside Apple’s store in Regent Street, Central London, five days before the release. But, many customer reviews are wondering why upgrade to the New iPad if you have an iPad 2?

What are your views on this new release? Is it really worth it?

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