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Tuesday, 21 February 2012

No.7 Beautiful skin BB cream

Do you ever feel like your skin looks dull or blemished? Have these cold winter months taken their toll on your skin? Well, No.7 has recently launched a new foundation called Beautiful skin BB cream and is definitely worth a try. It is said to be the answer to all our prayers.

BB stands for blemish balm and helps to protect skin while providing a light coverage to hide blemishes.

No.7 BB Cream

Although the foundation only comes in two shades, fair and medium, it caters for all skin types ranging from normal/ oily skin, normal/ dry skin and dry/ very dry skin. Its 3 in 1 formula evens skin tone and disguises those stubborn blemishes and imperfections.

The answer to our prayers?

Foundation brush
Courtesy of Google
Not only does it combine primer, moisturiser and foundation in one but it also contains SPF protection. And, the best thing about this foundation is you don’t have to pay loads of money for it as it is priced at £12.95. This is quite cheap considering Boots usually have ‘3 for 2’ offers on make up and provide ‘£5 off’ vouchers for No.7 on a regular basis.

Its light formula gives you an even and light coverage and doesn’t make your skin feel greasy like some foundations do. And for those who are not so good with applying makeup, this foundation is easily applied with a makeup brush, sponge or even your fingers!

In a rush?

With the right colour match, you don’t have to apply this foundation all over your face. It can be used as a concealer and can just be applied to blemished areas as the product is so light it blends in with your skin tone perfectly. So whenever you’re in a rush you don’t have to worry about doing a ‘full face’ of make up.

The only disadvantage to this foundation is that it may not give the ideal coverage for those with bad blemish prone/ uneven skin, like myself. Personally, I use it as a base foundation and use a powder foundation on top to give me the coverage I feel comfortable with.

You may find that you don’t get the right colour match as there are only two colours to opt for. But hopefully, No.7 will add more colours to the new range soon!

This product is definitely worth a try and if you find it a good foundation, it will save you money as you won’t have to buy primer, moisturiser and foundation separately. Well done No.7!

Have any of you tried it? Let me know what you thought.


  1. A make-up that makes one look young and fresh (again) AND is cheap? I never dared dreaming of that but thank to your blog I will definitely go and check it out! Thank you :)

  2. I have been really intrigued whether to try this cream but with this easy to read post and great detail, I'll definitely give it a try! Would love to see a few pictures though! :)

  3. This review is very well written and involves the readers with your personal experiences and advice. An image of the product and a rating would improve this post. The only negative I would say is your blog is on how girls shouldn't feel the need to look flawless but then this review is suggesting they should wear make-up.
    However, Overall the topic of your blog is very inspirational as every girl feels the need to look like the women in magazines, when in reality they don't even look like that themselves as they are airbrushed.


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