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Monday, 27 February 2012

Stress.. Stress.. and more Stress!!

Well this weekend has not been the best. I am definitely feeling the stress of family illnesses along with uni work. Being in my last year of uni is taking its toll with the amount of work and the thought of going out into the big world of work is definitely a scary one! 

All of this stress only leads to one thing for me… a break out in spots! And this gets me down even more. I’ve struggled with acne since I was a young teenager and have had continuous trips to the doctors for many years. My acne has calmed down since being referred to a dermatologist whose treatment did help. 

Dress by Lipsy
Along with the stress, it’s my big 21st in two weeks! So how else am I going to cheer myself up? Dress shopping of course!! Why I feel the need to shop when I am stressed I have no idea but so far I have 3 dresses. The one on the left is purchased from eBay, another from USC and the last one from a shop in Cardiff. Although I have no plans I’m sure they will come in handy.

I know I said that this blog was to help people learn to love their bodies and even though I’m moaning about my skin I have learnt to love myself. But sometimes, like everyone, I get my down moments. I feel like everyone stares and notices my skin, even though they’re not even looking at me. But then other days I walk out of my house not caring what I’m wearing or what other people will think… This is how it should be all the time, right?

Yes I get flare ups with my acne, but I still walk down the street with no make up on, joggers, hair up and not worry about what people think. At the end of the day, most of them don’t know me for who I am! It’s ok for them to point and laugh because my skin is red and inflamed… they don’t understand. Maybe one day they’ll understand what it’s like to have acne.

I hope you guys can relate to me in this sense. Be who you are and learn to love the skin you live in. I have managed it so anyone can.


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  1. Really inspirational stuff Tasha! It's great that you can be so honest in your posts whilst remaining informative and humorous. I may not be a girl but the layout is great for your blog and you really drive home how important it is to love yourself for whoever you are.


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